Casablanca poster


HD 8.5 102 min
The film takes place during World War II, in the city of Casablanca, which at the time was under French rule. The Germans are getting closer and closer to their goal of conquering the whole world. Casablanca is the only city from which there is a chance to escape to the neutral lands of America. The protagonist Rick Blaine left his native America and settled in Casablanca. Here he began a new life, opening his own café. Here he has a reputation as a cynical, firm and, at times, cruel man. Unexpectedly in his cafe, Rick meets Ilsa, the lady of his heart, who several years ago simply disappeared from his life. Ilsa is not alone in town, she came with her husband Victor Laszlo, who is an anti-fascist leader. Victor and Ilsa are being pursued by the Germans and urgently need to get to America. Rick has an opportunity to help, but will he do so?

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