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India has never excelled in the Olympics. The country was not doing well in sports. But our protagonist, Mahavir Singh, a professional wrestler, always wanted to win gold for his country. He was talented, diligent, goal-oriented and showed great promise. But the realities of his homeland were such that these qualities were not enough. Coming from a very poor family, he was not able to build a career as an athlete and reach his cherished goal. He had to give up wrestling to earn a living. Along with that came his lifelong dream.

Then the stubborn wrestler swore that he would raise his son to be a real winner, and the boy would one day win a gold medal for India. But even here everything did not turn out as easily as the man had hoped. Fate had sent Mahavir's family four daughters! The desperate father was ready to give up on his Olympic plans, until he saw his girls fighting at school and in the streets. The girls were easily overpowering the stronger sex. That's when Singh realized it was still more than real! He immediately set out to train his girls and turned out to be an awesome trainer...

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