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Raging Bull

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For him, boxing is everything! Boxing is more than life. Starting his career at the age of 19, Jake Lamotta is trying his hand at professional boxing. For Mad Bull, there is no obstacle in this world that he can't handle. He trains, he gets in the ring, and he wins. And no matter how many times they beg him to "lie down under his opponent," the boxer is adamant. He works for himself and trusts only himself. His brother helps him in everything, assuming the responsibilities of his coach. The athletes are very friendly and respect each other. But here the boxer meets a very young girl, and suddenly he falls in love with her. But family life does not work out. Suspecting his beloved in adultery, Jake sometimes "dissolves his hands", beats his wife. The boxer's brother also becomes a victim of his aggression. All this negatively affects his career, and the athlete hangs up his gloves on the nail. His wife threatens to divorce him.

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