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Me Time

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The life of the protagonist of the movie "Me Time" has long become a real chore. Waking up, going to work, solving family problems over dinner, monotonous sex with his wife and, finally, sleep. The monotony, the constant problems, turned the once cheerful man into a tired and constantly dissatisfied grumbler. He adores his wife and children, but is very tired of the routine. The father of the family makes every effort, and sends his daughter and wife on vacation. The hassle of organizing the trip is behind him, and the happy girls are on their way. The man is enjoying the peace and quiet in the house, and suddenly a great idea occurs to him. He calls his best friend with an idea for a fun weekend. His friend encourages him and agrees to have all the fun in the world. Men decide to temporarily forget about everyday problems, wives, children, and to remember their youth. For two days, the heroes manage to do a lot of stupid things, get into trouble, well, and, of course, have a lot of fun. The adventures of two faithful friends begin.

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